What exactly is entailed in a financial audit report?

A financial statement audit report is the examination of financial statements and accompanying disclosures of a company by an independent auditor. A financial audit report is the result of that examination. The auditor’s report should have the financial statements when the report is…


What is Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair or keyhole surgery?

Hernia Repair

In this article we shall be taking an in depth analysis of what the laproscopic inguinal hernia repair is all about and how much does this type of hernia operation costs. What happens in a Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair? Just like other laparoscopic…


Mastering the act of landing dream jobs using job portals

Advertising through newspapers about job openings to attract potential job seekers has become a thing of the past. And that is justifiable as nowadays, social media platforms reaches out to a much wider audience. Moreover, any job seeker can now sift through millions…


5 ways of teaching with Youtube

  As a teacher, it has occurred to me so many times to change the way I teach my students. But being able to imbue those boring lecture classes with interactive sessions is easier said than done. Top consultants like Proed World are nowadays offering…


Tips before buying a sofa for an IT Company.

Interior Designer Dubai

Choosing a right sofa that fits in your home, companies and lifestyle is very important. Nowadays furniture is a major investment. As they are expensive they need to be durable.A sofa is one of the most important furniture purchases for your company so…


The right and easy way to label the cables

Cable tray companies in UAE

If you have a home theater, workstation or just about anything else that includes a lot of cables and wires in a place, then you must be very well aware of that annoying feeling of pulling out the wrong cable from the socket.…


Pros and Cons of being the Dentist.

Dubai Implants

Medicine is considered to be one of the noblest professions in this world. Dentists receive a lot of respect and are a very crucial part of society. Dental problems and diseases are very common and rising alarmingly due to the changing lifestyle of…


Tools and tips for web design development.

Dubai Website Design

Just like fashion designing wherein new styles are coming in every week and trends are changing every season, web designing is also very dynamic. There is cut throat competition in the online world and if your website looks amateur or incomplete or incompetent…


Tips that you should know if you want to be the best interior designer.

Online interior Designing

Creativity is something that you cannot acquire; it’s inbuilt or God-gifted. But what you surely do is to evolve the same with time and experience. Observe different things, go to new places, get to know different tastes, interact with as many people as…


Better option between Hammam, Steam Room & Sauna

hammam designers

Where sauna and steam baths are very simple rooms or cubicles, the Turkish baths are quite large halls with intricate details of traditional mosaics and mirrors. The beautiful hammam designers in dubai have been an inspiration for many spa interiors. Whether it’s a…