As a teacher, it has occurred to me so many times to change the way I teach my students. But being able to imbue those boring lecture classes with interactive sessions is easier said than done. Top consultants like Proed World are nowadays offering excellent GMAT courses in DubaiAnd then there are those dull and lethargic faces I just detest staring. Who feels me? I know a lot you readers do! But is there a solution to it? Oh yes! The internet.

Five fun ways that can easily make that boring lecture worth waiting and make GMAT course in Dubai an interesting one.

  • Lesson based authentic learning
  • Searching the right content.

Teaching an 8th grader about thedigestive system and 3rdgrade algebra wouldn’t obviously make any sense.

  • Matching it with the curriculum.

Online or application-based teaching needs to conform to the university level standards and not go away

  • Using enough physical material for better lesson retention.

Having any amount of printed or handwritten notes is never enough. These notes keep us a mental track of the lessons learnt.

  • Interactive session
  • Student-teacher or student-student description of the topics taught.

This justifies one’s understanding of the concepts

  • Making models or bar charts and using presentation slides

Moving things on screen is always delightful. This should involve each and every student. Not a handful few.

  • Collaborating with world-renowned Proed World.
    Proed World is a first class education consultant in Dubai known for its excellent career counselling and assisting students in bagging seats in world-renowned institutions of choice.
  • Feedback sessions
  • Video chats with teachers par excellence

This aids better understanding.

  • Question answer rounds after each lesson finishes.
  • Student-friendly test series that initiates interest than causing abhorrence among students.


  • Assignments minus the deadline stress.

This can be done by limiting the length of the assignment

  • Conducting tests that don’t invoke pressure.

Any form of pressure- academic or parental

  • Individual student attention
  • Collecting and analyzing the content submitted by each student
  • Calling up deserving students to take up postgraduate courses in foreign countries like GMAT courses in Dubai.
  • Taking extra special care of the ones those need help.

Post graduate courses like M.Tech and MBA are specifically gaining popularity which makes GMAT a common choice.

The internet opens up an ocean of opportunities that are yet to be fully explored.