The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is a standardised test often mandatory for admission in international high schools or universities, widely used in the United States of America. The GMAT or the Graduation Management Admission Test, on the other hand, is a standardised test used as a means of analysing management graduate applicants. Visit

If you wish to pursue an MBA, you would be required to undertake the GMAT Dubai.

Since SAT is to be undertaken at an earlier stage, it is obvious that the GMAT is a tougher puzzle to crack, but what are the differences?

Let us compare the two in order to understand these better:

  •     Reading ability

While the core skill remains superior English reading skills, the GMAT calls for a higher aptitude compared to the SAT. Not only are the questions asked tougher but also the passage comprehensions. GMAT passages are more complex in terms of their language, genre, and tone or voice.

  •     Math skills

Like the reading skill, math is also a shared competency required to ace both the tests. While the basic concepts remain the same, the problems are a notch higher than that of the SAT. GMAT Dubai is computer adaptive. It requires you to not just know the formulae but also possess a highly skilled problem-solving mindset. This would help you implement your numerical skills and get cracking on the solution.

The GMAT, however, has questions dedicated to data sufficiency, a concept that is excluded from your SAT. Inherently more complex, these problems require practice and expert guidance, both of which are made possible by Intelligent partners.

  •     Difficulty level

The difficulty level is definitely higher when it comes to GMAT. Since the test is devised to test the aptitude of postgraduate management-inclined students, it tests your English analytical, oral, written, and reading skills. It is broken down as each section focuses on one core skill, allowing you to gain exposure to the varied qualities needed.

  •     Additional factors

The verbal section of the GMAT requires you to don your thinking caps a little more intensely and analyze the given paragraphs. The integrated reasoning addition to the GMAT entails the comprehensive analysis and conclusion based on the graphical information provided to you.

While considering to pursue the GMAT, take advantage of  Intelligent partners’s professional expertise that will help you push yourself harder and excel at whatever you do.