The Islamic variant of the famous Roman Bath is known as Hammam- it is a Turkish bath that is designed using specific styles. Some of the interior design companies in Dubai  are highly specialized in the construction of Turkish Spa and Hammam. These hammams in Dubai are designed in an extremely creative manner. The final result is exquisite. The tiles and designs are created in such a manner so as to imitate the architecture of the traditional Moroccan Style.

  • Colour therapy light: By adding light of extremely low voltage, and of a soft soothing colour, this can add volumes to the relaxation function of a hammam. The LED light will have a set of different colours available in its settings so it can be adjusted. People opt for this at it truly adds an atmosphere of tranquillity to the Turkish bat.
  • Use of tones of peach: Another popular selection while construction of a hammam is the use of a combination of peach colours. These neutral peaches and creams and beige are extremely popular choices among those you choose build hammams in Dubai. Again, it adds to the soothing, relaxed atmosphere. Along with the colour, traditional Mediterranean and Arabesque designs are engraved on the tiles, giving a very specific aesthetic to the whole thing.

  • Greys and Faded Greens: Other than the neutral, nude shades of peach, another popular choice is the use of subtle grey and faded green and black on the walls of a hammam. This colour combination can be instrumental in lending that antique finish to the final result. People opt for this because again, with Mediterranean and arabesque designs, it authentically resembles the actual construction of a Turkish bath. Tiles are usually handmade and hand-painted to give the hammam an edge over other baths and look very interesting and artistic.

Therefore, if you are looking for hammams in Dubai. The appearance may seem aged, but the functions that are performed are definitely not. Inspire yourself in choosing the perfect design and combination of colors for a hammam. If you are planning to open a hammam in Dubai then Creative shelf is one such company who can help you with the designing of hammam.