From board meetings to brainstorms, giving a presentation or catching up with long-distance colleagues, there is need of flexible meeting spaces and conference facilities. It is a room where you can collaborate, idea and express yourself in style. Face to face or virtual meetings with clients are very important for the overall growth and expansion of a business. Technical services companies in Dubai well-equipped meeting or conference rooms that allow top class discussion and professional environment. Conference rooms should, therefore, be spacey, comfortable and well equipped. Here are a handful of tips to help you plan your conference room designs:

  • Identify your audience

Taking into account the audience your conference room will be entertaining, can help you to build a perfect design plan. A good thought to start designing is to identify whether space will be used strictly internally or for occasionally hosting clients. If you plan to have clients in space regularly, it’s certainly a bit more vital to garnish area up, making it radiate a tincture of professionalism and class. While this is more expensive, it may boost your chances of captivating and retaining new business. If space is to be strictly be used for internal affairs of company and planning meetings, however, then you don’t need the space to be remarkable. It should be comfortable and practical, and extra spangling charges could be avoided.

  • Design a one-stop shop

The conference room is a central location in an office space where important client meetings, training classes, and Important decisions take place using different technical platforms. With this in mind, the office place should be designed in a self-sufficient manner. Meeting people should not need to leave the room to perform vital functions. The more technology supported the room is, the more beneficial it will prove to be. For example, data ports and power stations at every seat.

Fully integrated conference room

Technical services companies in Dubai

  • Opinion poll from your employees

The best resource to properly identify all the requirements of a conference room is your employees. Conducting a small poll, asking them to specify what characteristics they find most essential in a conference room space can be beneficial while designing a meeting room.

  • Layouts and Styles

Different ways to set up your conference room increase focus and productivity of the workers. Many technical service companies in Dubai are very well equipped with a perfect layout of tables and chairs and other technical tools.

-U-shaped: With chairs set all round the outside parameter, this type of setup is apt for groups of up to 50 people to participate in discussions.

-Bedroom style: A rectangle or oval table with chairs holds good for board meetings, and other smaller functions.

-Classroom style: Row of narrow tables are lined up facing the speaker at front. This type of setup is appropriate for formats where the leader is supposed to address and do most of the talking.

  • Minimize distractions

It’s important to make sure that the conference room should be comfortable and must accommodate minimum or no fluorescent lights, noisy equipment and wobbly furniture.